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Samantha Massell and Sean MacLaughin in Rags
Samantha Massell, Christian Camporin, and Sean MacLaughin in Rags
Samantha Massell and Sean MacLaughin in Rags

"Samantha Massell is a real find as Rebecca. She has beauty, charm, strength and bravery as well as a voice that beautifully delivers her share of, yes, sixteen songs."

     - Peter Filichia, Broadway Select

"The versatile Samantha Massell is a vivid Rebecca, indignant when provoked, warmly maternal and triumphantly defiant." 

     - Dave Rosenberg, CT Critics Circle

"The cast is led by Samantha Massell as Rebecca Hershkowitz.  She exudes the fervor and excitement of entering immigrants.  The actress possesses an exquisite voice and brings a strong-minded independence, sobering genuineness, and courage to the role."

     - Stuart Brown, "Stu on Broadway"

"Samantha Massell’s luminous performance as this woman, Rebecca, anchors the evening and makes it shine...Massell’s Rebecca is a revelation: not only is her voice sweet and strong, but her passion and authenticity in this spectacular role are stunning." 

     - Brooks Appelbaum, The Shoreline Times

"Ms. Massell is fantastic as the heroine, Rebecca; with a beautiful, soaring voice, she is compelling and charming."

     - Tara D. Kennedy, CT Critics Circle 

"One of the most beautiful scores ever is brought to life by Samantha Massell as Rebecca. Her acting chops are only topped by her powerful soprano voice."

     - Garrett Stack, WMNR

"Massell is a lovely heroine whose onstage relationship with young Camporin is both practical and warmly maternal. She also sings the musical’s best songs (“Children of the Wind”, “Rags”) with melodic brilliance."

     - Tome Holehan, CT Post Chronicle 


"Samantha Massell’s performance as Rebecca, is a powerhouse, with strong assertive vocals and nuance."

      - Mark G. Auerbach, The Westfield News 

"Massell has a glorious voice ; the seductive duet between Sal and Rebecca that could be the sexiest scene of the season with clothes on."

     - Frank Rizzo,


"Massell gives a stellar performance, filling Rebecca with passion, love, and ambition."

     - Tim Leninger, Journal Inquirer


"Another great asset here is Massell’s vibrant Rebecca... Massell’s voice can be stirring, as in “Rags,” an aggrieved song against bigotry that closes Act One, and nicely intimate."

     - Donald Brown, The New Haven Review


"The spectacularly talented cast of Rags lights up the stage in true triple-threat fashion... Samantha Massell as Rebecca is outstanding. Her voice is unmatched by any I’ve heard of late. She brings exceptional strength and vulnerability to this layered character."

     - Stephanie Lyons-Keeley and Wayne Keeley, Plllow Talking

"...a marvelous cast, headed by the impressive, multi-talented Samantha Massell as Rebecca."

     - Geary Danihy, CT Theatre News

"...Performing this powerful role is Samantha Massell who is equal parts spitfire and terrified young woman. She delivers a number of thrilling songs including the title song, and a heart-wrenchingly beautiful "Children of the Wind""

     - Joseph Harrison,

"Samantha Massell was luminous in the role of the plucky Rebecca Hershkowitz; she sang well and captured the strength of this determined immigrant."

     - Nancy Sasso Janis, The Patch


"Rebecca is played and sung magnificently by Samantha Massell*, who brings to the character the strength and fortitude of a widowed young woman alone in a somewhat hostile environment."

     - Don Church and Tony Schillaci, Critics on the Aisle


"'Rags's title song, which ends the first act, is a multistyled tour de force for Massell that starts simply then ascends to strident folk-operatic Kurt Weill territory.... the vibrant, warbling Samantha Massell..."

     - Christopher Arnott, The Hartford Courant

"Samantha Massell as Rebecca is as picture perfect as she is pitch perfect."

     - Joanne Greco Rochman, HAN Network


"... the character of Rebecca, played in a marvelous, captivating performance by Samantha Massell...Massell is the heart of this show and her beautiful singing gives the musical score wings. She’s excellent!"

     - Ed Katz, Wicc 60 

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