Samantha Massell


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   Michelle Kittrell

   (212) 566 - 1066


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   (212) 674 - 3129

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   A3 Artists Agency

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   Rachel Zeidman

   (212)  624 - 8115

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  • Samantha is a song rep and performance coach at Musical Theatre College Auditions, an educational preparatory organization for high school students applying to/auditioning for college musical theatre programs. If you're interested in coaching for college auditions, please contact MTCA and ask for Samantha.

  • Samantha also runs a private coaching studio. If you're not currently applying to a college musical theatre program, but are interested in on-camera training, song analysis, rep building, scene breakdown work, or just have an audition to prep, fill out the form below to connect! 

  • In light of an increase in virtual auditioning due to the coronavirus pandemic, Samantha co-created the MT Self Tape Intensive alongside Alex Finke and Chelsea Wilson to help MT actors learn how to adapt their work for the camera. For info, dates, & registration, click here

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